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“CAT” Up a Tree: Showdown Looms over SEC’s Plan for a Huge Trading Database. FOIA Requests Reveal Perils and Possibilities of the Consolidated Audit Trail. By John A. Jenkins. July 10, 2024.

Morgan & Morgan Seeks FDA Documents on Weight Loss Drugs. FOIAengine: Law firm’s 48 Inquiries Follow Earlier Requests. By Randy E. Miller. July 3, 2024.

Public Right, Private Privilege: Commercial Entities are Biggest FOIA Users. FOIAengine Reveals Trends Behind the Big Numbers at FDA, SEC. By Randy E. Miller. June 27, 2024.

Forever Chemicals Lead to Bad Times for 3M. FOIAengine: ProPublica Reporter Made Dozens of FOIA Requests to EPA Before Dropping a Bombshell. By John A. Jenkins. June 13, 2024.

Big Money at the Table as Vapers Roll the Dice. FOIAengine: Hundreds of FOIA Requests Signaled Challenge to FDA. By John A. Jenkins. June 6, 2024.

Traders, Media Seek FOIA Docs about India Pharma. FOIAengine: Requests Show FDA Still Under Pressure. By Randy E. Miller. May 30, 2024.

An Anti-Biden Group Goes All In on FOIA Requests. FOIAengine: What Does the American Accountability Foundation Want to Know – and Why? By John A. Jenkins. May 16, 2024.

Forensic FOIA: BLS “Super Users” Are a Case Study. FOIAengine: Traders Had an Inside Track on the CPI. By John A. Jenkins. April 30, 2024.

Journalists Signal Upcoming Store Lines with FOIA Requests. FOIAengine: Insights from the Latest FDA and SEC Requests. By Randy E. Miller. April 24, 2024.

A J&J Heart Pump is Linked to Far More Deaths than Previously Reported. Did FOIA Requests Send a Signal? FOIAengine: As Deaths Mounted, J&J “Promised to Correct” and Sought FDA Records. John A. Jenkins. April 11, 2024.

Hype and Hope: Brain-chip Progress Evokes Investigations, Controversy. FOIAengine: Neuralink’s High Profile Makes It a Target. By John A. Jenkins. April 3, 2024.

Hot-Button Requests at the FDA as Agency Gets Tough on Menthol Cigarettes. FOIAengine: Conservative Activists, Law Firms, Non-Profits Signal Competing Agendas. By Randy E. Miller. March 27, 2024.

WanaLawsuit? WanaBana. FOIAengine Spotlights a Non-Profit Newsroom and Another Problem for the FDA. By John A. Jenkins. March 13, 2024.

For Elon Musk, A Trail of Legal Challenges. FOIAengine Previews an April Fool’s Day Courtroom Grudge Match. By John A. Jenkins. March 6, 2024.

Hedge Funds Watching Drug Makers. FOIAengine Breaks Down the Action. By Randy E. Miller. 2/14/2024.

A Raft of Document Requests from the FTC and Media. FOIAengine: Who’s Asking What, and Why? By John A. Jenkins. 2/7/2024.

“The Assassin” Strikes Again. FOIAengine: Short Seller Fahmi Quadir Goes for Another Kill. By John A. Jenkins. 1/31/2024.

A Gambit to Allow Covid Vaccine Lawsuits. In FOIAengine, a Law Firm’s Strategy Takes Shape. By Randy E. Miller. 1/24/2024.

Busting Trusts, Breaking with Tradition. Requests in FOIAengine Show Groups Watching the FTC. By John A. Jenkins. 1/10/2024.

Collateral Damage Follows A Medical Leap. FOIAengine Lines Up the Players in a Huge Patent Fight. By John A. Jenkins. 1/3/2024.

Implant Manufacturer Targeted by Hedge Funds. FOIAengine Reveals FOIA Requests About Establishment Labs. By Randy E. Miller. 12/14/2023.

Orso Sees a Bear. Is AI the Next Big Short? Another Short Seller Hits FOIAengine’s Radar. By John A. Jenkins. 12/6/2023.

Who Doesn’t Like Gary Gensler? FOIAengine Finds SEC Chair in a Harsh Spotlight. By John A. Jenkins. 11/29/2023.

Morgan & Morgan Targets Weight Control Drugs. FOIAengine Reveals Threat of Litigation. By Randy E. Miller. 11/16/2023.

Will the Feds Classify Marijuana as a “Safe” Drug? In FOIAengine, Media Requests Seek the Answer. By John A. Jenkins. 11/2/2023.

Savvy Social Media Causes Problems for the FDA. In FOIAengine, a Slew of Requests About Ivermectin. By John A. Jenkins. 10/25/2023.

Big Data and SEC FOIA Requests. FOIAengine Analysis of SEC Requests Reveals Insights. By Randy E. Miller. 10/18/2023.

The Crook, the Tycoon, and the Short Seller. FOIAengine: LA’s Steven Sugarman Goes After Carson Block and Muddy Waters. By John A. Jenkins. 10/4/2023.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Sam Bankman-Fried. FOIAengine: As Trial Looms, a Private Investigator Pursues the SEC. By John A. Jenkins. 9/27/2023.

Hedge Funds Laser Focused on Pharma. FOIAengine Identifies 57 New FOIA Requests to FDA. By Randy E. Miller. 9/20/2023.

Republicans Playing the Oppo Game. FOIAengine Looks at Opposition Research on the Right. By John A. Jenkins. 9/6/2023.

The DNC Goes Fishing – What Will it Catch? FOIAengine Examines Political Opposition Research. By John A. Jenkins. 8/30/2023.

Research Irregularities, A Suicide, and FOIA. FOIAengine: A Request Was a Signal, Months Before Bad News Hit. By John A. Jenkins. 8/16/2023.

Judicial Watch Takes On Big Issues. FOIAengine Reveals Requests from a Major Litigant. By Randy E. Miller. 8/2/2023.

Pharma Shares Sink as Hedge Funds Use FOIA. FOIAengine Identifies 14 Financial Players Making Requests. By Randy E. Miller. 7/26/2023/.

Big Safety Questions About India’s Pharma. FOIAengine Reveals Media Pushing FDA for Answers. By John A. Jenkins. 7/19/2023.

Bloomberg’s “FOIA Terrorist.” FOIAengine Reveals a Savvy Journalist’s Big Impact. By John A. Jenkins. 7/12/2023.

More Litigation as Whistleblowers Lawyer Up. FOIAengine: Fights Erupt as SEC’s Tipsters Seek to Cash In. By John A. Jenkins. 6/28/2023.

Whistleblower, or Opportunist? A Short Seller Helps the Government. FOIAengine Reveals the Litigious Path to a Big SEC Payout. By John A. Jenkins. 6/21/2023.

Hedge Funds Target Big Pharma. FOIAengine: Requests to FDA Reveal What the Funds Are Watching. By John A. Jenkins. 6/8/2023.

Foreign Bribery Investigations Loom for Pfizer. FOIAengine Uncovers a Persistent Questioner. What Does He Know? By John A. Jenkins. 6/1/2023.

Facebook’s Messy Crypto Aftermath. FOIAengine: New York AG Targets Diem Association, aka Libra. By John A. Jenkins. 5/18/2023.

The $140 Billion Money Machine: Point72 and FOIA. FOIAengine Reveals a Giant Hedge Fund’s Methods and Targets. By John A. Jenkins. 5/10/2023.

Riding the Ozempic Wave. FOIAengine Reveals a Giant Hedge Fund’s Interest. By John A. Jenkins. 5/3/2023.

FOIA Requests Presaged the Post-Roe Fight Over Abortion Rights. FOIAengine: Early Warnings from Florida AG, Judicial Watch, and the Media. By John A. Jenkins. 4/19/2023.

$606 Million Litigation Fund Eyes Moderna. FOIAengine: More Requesters Targeting Pfizer, Moderna. By John A. Jenkins. 4/13/2023.

Pfizer and Moderna are FOIA Targets. FOIAengine Reveals Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, Anti-Vaxers in the Hunt. By John A. Jenkins. 4/5/2023.

Crash and Burn: Hindenburg Makes it Happen. FOIAengine: Early Warnings About Activist Short Sellers. By John A. Jenkins. 3/30/2023.

Big Bet on Brain Implants: Elon Musk, Cyborgs, and FOIA. FOIAengine Reveals Questions About Neuralink. By John A. Jenkins. 3/23/2023.

Clash of the Titans: Elon Musk Battles a FOIA Activist. FOIAengine Reveals a Growing Legal Feud. By John A. Jenkins. 3/16/2023.

FOIAengine: Requests Pointed to SBF’s Shaky World Long Before FTX Imploded FOIAengine: Requests Pointed to SBF’s Shaky World Long Before FTX Imploded. By John A. Jenkins. 3/8/23.

In the Wall Street Journal’s Crosshairs: Upside Foods, Tailor Made Compounding and Stock Trades by Federal Officials. FOIAengine Reveals the Questions Reporters Ask. By John A. Jenkins. 3/1/23.

FOIA Requests Presaged Huge Problems for Baby-Formula Maker Abbott Labs. A New Database Compiles Millions of FOIA Records to Analyze Trends. By John A. Jenkins. 2/22/23.

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