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Orso Sees a Bear. Is AI the Next Big Short? Another Short Seller Hits FOIAengine’s Radar. By John A. Jenkins. 12/6/2023.

Who Doesn’t Like Gary Gensler? FOIAengine Finds SEC Chair in a Harsh Spotlight. By John A. Jenkins. 11/29/2023.

Morgan & Morgan Targets Weight Control Drugs. FOIAengine Reveals Threat of Litigation. By Randy E. Miller. 11/16/2023.

Will the Feds Classify Marijuana as a “Safe” Drug? In FOIAengine, Media Requests Seek the Answer. By John A. Jenkins. 11/2/2023.

Savvy Social Media Causes Problems for the FDA. In FOIAengine, a Slew of Requests About Ivermectin. By John A. Jenkins. 10/25/2023.

Big Data and SEC FOIA Requests. FOIAengine Analysis of SEC Requests Reveals Insights. By Randy E. Miller. 10/18/2023.

The Crook, the Tycoon, and the Short Seller. FOIAengine: LA’s Steven Sugarman Goes After Carson Block and Muddy Waters. By John A. Jenkins. 10/4/2023.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Sam Bankman-Fried. FOIAengine: As Trial Looms, a Private Investigator Pursues the SEC. By John A. Jenkins. 9/27/2023.

Hedge Funds Laser Focused on Pharma. FOIAengine Identifies 57 New FOIA Requests to FDA. By Randy E. Miller. 9/20/2023.

Republicans Playing the Oppo Game. FOIAengine Looks at Opposition Research on the Right. By John A. Jenkins. 9/6/2023.

The DNC Goes Fishing – What Will it Catch? FOIAengine Examines Political Opposition Research. By John A. Jenkins. 8/30/2023.

Research Irregularities, A Suicide, and FOIA. FOIAengine: A Request Was a Signal, Months Before Bad News Hit. By John A. Jenkins. 8/16/2023.

Judicial Watch Takes On Big Issues. FOIAengine Reveals Requests from a Major Litigant. By Randy E. Miller. 8/2/2023.

Pharma Shares Sink as Hedge Funds Use FOIA. FOIAengine Identifies 14 Financial Players Making Requests. By Randy E. Miller. 7/26/2023/.

Big Safety Questions About India’s Pharma. FOIAengine Reveals Media Pushing FDA for Answers. By John A. Jenkins. 7/19/2023.

Bloomberg’s “FOIA Terrorist.” FOIAengine Reveals a Savvy Journalist’s Big Impact. By John A. Jenkins. 7/12/2023.

More Litigation as Whistleblowers Lawyer Up. FOIAengine: Fights Erupt as SEC’s Tipsters Seek to Cash In. By John A. Jenkins. 6/28/2023.

Whistleblower, or Opportunist? A Short Seller Helps the Government. FOIAengine Reveals the Litigious Path to a Big SEC Payout. By John A. Jenkins. 6/21/2023.

Hedge Funds Target Big Pharma. FOIAengine: Requests to FDA Reveal What the Funds Are Watching. By John A. Jenkins. 6/8/2023.

Foreign Bribery Investigations Loom for Pfizer. FOIAengine Uncovers a Persistent Questioner. What Does He Know? By John A. Jenkins. 6/1/2023.

Facebook’s Messy Crypto Aftermath. FOIAengine: New York AG Targets Diem Association, aka Libra. By John A. Jenkins. 5/18/2023.

The $140 Billion Money Machine: Point72 and FOIA. FOIAengine Reveals a Giant Hedge Fund’s Methods and Targets. By John A. Jenkins. 5/10/2023.

Riding the Ozempic Wave. FOIAengine Reveals a Giant Hedge Fund’s Interest. By John A. Jenkins. 5/3/2023.

FOIA Requests Presaged the Post-Roe Fight Over Abortion Rights. FOIAengine: Early Warnings from Florida AG, Judicial Watch, and the Media. By John A. Jenkins. 4/19/2023.

$606 Million Litigation Fund Eyes Moderna. FOIAengine: More Requesters Targeting Pfizer, Moderna. By John A. Jenkins. 4/13/2023.

Pfizer and Moderna are FOIA Targets. FOIAengine Reveals Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, Anti-Vaxers in the Hunt. By John A. Jenkins. 4/5/2023.

Crash and Burn: Hindenburg Makes it Happen. FOIAengine: Early Warnings About Activist Short Sellers. By John A. Jenkins. 3/30/2023.

Big Bet on Brain Implants: Elon Musk, Cyborgs, and FOIA. FOIAengine Reveals Questions About Neuralink. By John A. Jenkins. 3/23/2023.

Clash of the Titans: Elon Musk Battles a FOIA Activist. FOIAengine Reveals a Growing Legal Feud. By John A. Jenkins. 3/16/2023.

FOIAengine: Requests Pointed to SBF’s Shaky World Long Before FTX Imploded FOIAengine: Requests Pointed to SBF’s Shaky World Long Before FTX Imploded. By John A. Jenkins. 3/8/23.

In the Wall Street Journal’s Crosshairs: Upside Foods, Tailor Made Compounding and Stock Trades by Federal Officials. FOIAengine Reveals the Questions Reporters Ask. By John A. Jenkins. 3/1/23.

FOIA Requests Presaged Huge Problems for Baby-Formula Maker Abbott Labs. A New Database Compiles Millions of FOIA Records to Analyze Trends. By John A. Jenkins. 2/22/23.

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