In the Wake of Chevron, FOIAengine is More Useful Than Ever


WASHINGTON, July 1, 2024. Last week, the Supreme Court made a critical ruling overturning its prior Chevron decision that will likely result in a massive increase in FOIA requests. Just one more reason you need FOIAengine.

Corporations, nonprofits and individuals are sure to query government agencies about all manner of regulations now that the court has determined administrators do not have the power to make rulings when laws are vague. Instead, the courts will rule as the final arbiter. You can be sure the FOIA requests will start to flood in as interested parties prepare to challenge current regulations.

With 30+ agencies now included in our database, FOIAengine is the best way to track the maneuvering and stay ahead of critical lawsuits and regulatory action. (In fact, we just added hundreds of new FOIA requests submitted to the Federal Trade Commission, one of the agencies sure to be heavily impacted by the new ruling.)

I invite you to test drive FOIAengine now so you’re ready when the FOIA flood starts. And I encourage you to share this email with others at your organization if they are better positioned to evaluate critical tools like FOIAengine.

Let’s get you started.

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