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Competitive Advantage

FOIAengine is a competitive intelligence and due diligence database that tracks U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in as close to real-time as their availability allows.

FOIA requests are predictive, providing signals of upcoming litigation, transactions, stock and market movements, news stories, short-seller initiatives, and other legal and corporate developments.

Who needs FOIAengine? Competitive intelligence pros. Corporate investigators. Hedge funds, quant funds and other investors. Litigators and law firms. Litigation finance industry. News media. Trade associations. Non-Profits. Political organizations.

Following the federal government’s shutdown of last year, FOIAengine is the only source for the most comprehensive, fully searchable archive of FOIA requests across dozens of federal departments and agencies. FOIAengine has more robust functionality and search capabilities, and standardizes data from different agencies to make it easier to work with. 

Our Partners Know the Power of FOIA

Through a special arrangement between PoliScio and IRE, professional members of Investigative Reporters and Editors now can get access to FOIAengine.

PoliScio publishes regular articles in Law Street Media’s legal newsletter detailing the types of developments that are revealed by  FOIAengine.

The Power to Know

FOIA requests are predictive. They signal a variety of stock, media and legal developments.

Agency Coverage

We monitor FOIA requests filed with over 30 U.S. government departments and agencies.


Data Structuring

We take unstructured, raw data and turn it into searchable summaries of current FOIA requests.


Key Features

FOIAengine contains over 240,000 FOIA request records generated over the past three years, and is growing rapidly.

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The Power to Know

FOIAengine provides millions of signals and gives you the power to know about:

Investors researching agency actions

Reporters writing a critical story

Competitors seeking damaging info

Competitor vulnerabilities

Law firms planning to launch a lawsuit

Politicians planning campaign tactics

Non-profits pursuing policy objectives

Agency Coverage

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Data Structuring

We take raw government data and transform it into a searchable database. This involves the following steps:

Regularly monitor departmental and agency websites.

Download raw data as FOIA logs are released.

Convert PDF, CSV and HTML formats into a database structure.

Clean data and correct errors.

Rationalize the data into common fields and data types.

Create additional fields of data, including request organization type.

Upload data to FOIAengine search engine.

Key Features

Agency responses to FOIA requests can take months. But long before that, FOIAengine can tell you important details about the request itself, including the name and organization of the requester, the date of the request, and the information being requested. Knowing these facts can provide new opportunities or warn about coming danger.

> Updated constantly. Tracks requests in as close to real-time as their availability allows.

> Power search features for search and filtering of requests.

> Identify proxy requesters.

> Track market impact in real time.

> Conduct more thorough due diligence.

> Tags are added to make your search more productive.

> Three-year current file and deep historic files available for subscription.

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